• Ash Syms


Everything has a season. Even humans.

Winter is traditionally a time to hibernate. It's cold outside and our bodies naturally tell us it's time to slow down, curl up and nurture ourselves.

We are all so busy and life stops for no one but nature definitely has a lot of answer for in terms of how the seasons make us feel. Rumbling bellies need extra feeding, snotty noses need constant wiping, bedtimes need to be a little earlier and everyone seems a little more exhausted.

Sipping tea seems to be a favourite pastime of mine at the moment, that and napping. We usually have resting time in our house each afternoon. Archie has a nap and the older three busy themselves doing something quietly and I try to rest.

I feel like the idea of napping has really become tarnished. In a world where success is measured by how busy we are rest has become something for the lazy and unmotivated. However, is so so crucial. It certainly doesn't mean having to set aside 2 hours everyday to sleep (although that does sound like bliss!). Rest can be as simple as 20 mins just to rest your brain and your body. I find it helpful to lie down and focus on my breathing, trying to relax my limbs and shut out any noise the best I can (easier said than done with little people around I know).

Rest may mean something entirely different to you. Maybe it's reading a book or doing some gentle stretching or even just putting down your phone for a while.

Whatever rest means to you try to make it a priority everyday because Winter is the perfect time to recharge. Both your body and mind will thank you come Spring time.

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