• Ash Syms

Hayton Family

My favourite place to capture stories is in the home.

It's where we spend so much of our time. A place of comfort, rest and warmth. It's where we have no inhibitions and where our true character emerges.

A home where you have memorised where the light streams in that one window in the kitchen, or the warmest place by the fire to snuggle up on a winters night. You know your favourite place on the couch to sit and the squeaky floorboard that you dodge every time you go down the hallway.

You know the sweet smell of the lavender as you walk down the path to the front door and the broken tile in the bathroom. Your favourite seat at the dining room table to eat your cereal in the morning and the way the curtain in the bedroom blows in the summer breeze.

These seemingly insignificant little things are all part of your story. They are the essence of your life and the chapters worth remembering.

As we grow, our home plays such a big part of shaping who we are. This is the good stuff, the beautiful ordinary stuff. The stuff a lifetime is made out of.

It is always a privilege when I am welcomed into someones home, their sanctuary. I love that people trust me enough to create photographs that they will treasure forever and to make art out of your ordinary everyday.

That's exactly what the Hayton family did when I visited to take photographs of them and their beautiful wee girl. I hope that by having these to look back on they not only see the faces of the ones they cherish most but also a story of a time in their history.

The way they looked, lived and especially the way they loved.

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