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Berlin Family

I have very hazy memories of bringing home each of my newborns. All except the last one who decided to make his entrance onto the bedroom floor in quite a hurry and therefore I was equal parts shell-shocked and happy that it was all over so quickly!

I was sleep deprived, hormonal and surviving on a random cocktail of chocolate, cereal, and copious amounts of tea.

If I'm honest, I was too tired to think about newborn photographs, and being a photographer I figured I’d take them myself (right after tending to the baby, the toddler and putting on the 56th load of washing for the day…).

Some of the mum's I’d met through my antenatal class were stressing out, hauling themselves (their newborns, their toddlers and their not-so-cooperative husbands..!) out of the house for their newborn sessions and then having it all turn to custard when either baby, toddler, husband (or all three!) wouldn't play the game. This, I thought, was not my idea of fun.

Therefore, I'm sad to say I never got newborn portraits of any of my babies.

I so regret this. I wish there had have been the option of someone coming to my home. Someone to capture all those real life moments in a beautiful way.

Guys, find a photographer (insert my name here!) who will make genuine and stunning photographs of your little family in the comfort of your own home. 

Please don't worry if you think your home is too messy or too small, or you think the older kids will run riot or that you haven't cleaned the bathroom in two weeks or there is a months worth of laundry on the chair in the corner still to be folded.

This is real life. The stuff that the newborn days are made of. This is the good stuff!

The stuff we want to capture in all it's glory.

Take a look at all the gorgeousness that is the Berlin family with their precious newbie. Photographs of the final piece of their family puzzle in all it's hazy splendour....

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