• Ash Syms

A Sense of Belonging Again

Six months ago I watched my daughters cry as we packed up their bedroom because they didn't want to leave. Leave their friends and a life they knew and loved.

Sometimes we sit in a sort of hopeless emptiness. It's uncomfortable and we wonder if we will ever feel a sense of belongings again.

Six months ago they couldn't see what their lives would look like. They couldn't imagine their new bedrooms or their new friends.

If they could have, I'm certain they would have begun this new adventure with a smile on their faces.

Six months later they have finally found their place again in the world. They have made good friends. They are comfortable. They belong.

If only we could have a little more faith. Faith in the universe and faith in ourselves. Faith to sit in that space and know it's going to get better.

So, next time you find yourself in that uncomfortable place just know that one day you will be doing something mundane like maybe having a shower or making a cup of tea and you will find yourself singing. And only in that moment you will know, without even realising it, you are happy again.

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